Coordinator Message

Dr Beena.S.Dave

We are living in fast chalanging modern world which has led to the explosion of the knowlege.Moreover,due to the advance science and technology,the modern world has shrunk.again,communication has made information easily accisible.

Accessibility of information is not the only aum of education,infact the fundamental need of the present education is to create a smarter,well informed,efficient,rationalized and adaptable social being.We belive that education should continue to pay proper attention towards the harmonious development of human personality.

Recognizing the need,our institution aims at building up a responsible citizen for the nation.bearing this in mind,we contribute to the society by providing value-added education.we value education and threfore we educate values too.we emphasize not only on acheving academic excellence but also on overall devlopmentment of the students.

We take pride in two valuable assets on which the instution holding its pretigious place.the first is our learned,experianced and dynamic faculty members who constantly strive to mould the students to face any challanges in practical life.and the second is the huge infrastucture of the college facilitating the learning attitude of the students.hope such an atomsphere may help the students joining us in gromming their personality.we wish not only bright but also the jyous and sucessful future with us.



M.V.M College Of Comm.,Mgt & I.T.